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How to find and connect with supported living providers

two wooden figures representing a property investor and supported living provider connecting

Once property investors understand the many benefits of leasing a property to a supported living provider the next question, they ask is “how do I find a provider to lease my property? “ 

I have two ways to help you find providers to lease your property:  

  1. You can download my free guide here to help you find a provider here.


2. You can join The Supported Living Property Network, my exclusive membership community where property investors and providers come together, here you can connect with providers looking to lease your property.  As a Network member you can list your property for providers to see and get access to our demand portal where you can find out what property our provider members need. You can join here: The Supported Living property Network.


Important things to remember with working with supported living providers 

  1. Remember most supported living providers are busy! They are often doing many job roles at once and their main focus may be on running their service and keeping the people they support safe. Be patient and prepared for a decision to take longer than you may expect. 


2. Make sure you understand how supported living works so you can speak to them in an informed way.  This will make it obvious you are serious and worth working with. Have a look at the training we offer if you want to make sure you can do this, Supported Living Property Training.


3. Take time to listen. You may be keen to lease a particular property you own but make sure you are asking them about what they need and try to understand the challenges they face. 


4. Ask what rents they pay, don’t expect to get high rents unless there is something very special about this property. Remember on a lease arrangement you may still be net better off each month even if the rents are lower than market rent.  


5. Ask about their lease terms and lease length, most experienced operators will have a standard lease they use.  If they are a new provider or willing to be flexible you may be able to develop heads of terms together that work for both of you.  


Remember supported living property investing can be a really powerful way to create long term wealth but you need to think about the long-term picture and be patient in the short term. If you want to access more resources, connect with providers and find out where they need property do join our unique community, The Supported Living Property Network.

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