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Supported Living Property Network Members Events

Members get access to two online events every month, one online networking event and one online training event covering a range of subjects that you need to know.

Members Monthly
Training Events

First Wednesday of the month
at 2pm - Online

Covering a range of important subjects that matter.  We bring in a range of speakers to make sure you are well informed.

All training events are recorded so if you cannot attend live you are able to access the recording in your membership area.

5 June 2pm – Provider panel

3 July 2pm – Subject TBC

7 August 2pm – Subject TBC

4 September 2pm - Subject TBC

2 October 2pm - Subject TBC

6 November 2pm - Subject TBC

4 December 2pm - Subject TBC

20 May  7.30-8.30pm 
17 June 1.30-2.30pm
15 July  7.30-8.30pm 
16 September  7.30-8.30pm 
21 October 1.30-2.30pm
18 November 7.30-8.30pm 
16 December 1.30-2.30pm

Networking Events

Third Monday of the month
alternately day and evening - Online

Your opportunity to build relationships with providers and property investor members. Delivered over zoom, so no need to travel.


Members can build relationships directly with each other with no introductory fees or signing restrictive legal agreements.

Join the Network today

When you join, you get access to the recordings of all previous training events, covering subjects such as:

Fire Safety in Supported property
REACH Standards
Tenancy agreements
How to find supported living providers to lease your property
Finance in supported living
How to find property to lease
Insurance in supported living
Provider panel discussions
Leases and what you need to know
Assistive technology in supported living
Childrens homes provider panel
Planning use class in supported living


Already a member? Log in to access the recordings in the video library here

"I don't think there is a group quite like yours whereby there is the ability to make good quality relations with service providers. 

As ever, I am grateful" 

Next Members' Conference date announced and tickets are on sale. Find out more here
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