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Red umbrella logo of The Supported Living Property Network with the words connect collaborate and create homes on the edge

Supported Living

Join our unique community, where you build relationships directly with providers and property investors.  

We are passionate about supported living
and setting up quality homes for people with support needs.   

Why join? Membership includes all of this:

Exclusive membership community 

Monthly On-line Networking

Introductory training courses 

Supported Living Property Conference

Monthly on-line training session 

Access to Industry Leading Experts 

Property portal

Demand Portal

Video Library

The Supported Living Property Network is for you
if you are:

Property investor /property developer

☂︎ Do you want to lease a property to a provider or want to buy property to order?

☂︎ Do you want to find and build relationships with providers?

☂︎ Whether you already have supported living property or want to get started

☂︎ Do you want to learn more about supported living property investing?


☂︎ Do you want to keep up to date with best practice?

Care provider, support provider, charity, Registered Provider, CIC

☂︎ Are you looking for property to lease?

☂︎ Do you want to build connections with property investors and developers?


☂︎ Whether you already have supported living property or who are just starting out

☂︎ Do you want to understand property how to get more property?


☂︎ Do you want to keep up to date with best practice?

We save you time

We make life easier for you, one membership to keep up to date with supported living property news, where you can connect with providers and property investors and find property or find where property is needed. 

National Care Provider

“The Network has been great so far.  I have made lots of connections with property investors ."

Property Investor

"The network itself is a welcoming and supportive community."

Support Provider

“Its a fantastic group, offering quality support and training to both providers and landlords.”

Only £37.50 (+VAT) a month

Already a member? Log in here

Members Monthly
Training Events

Second Wednesday of the month
at 2pm

Monthly training with a range of sector experts, to keep you up to date. Delivered online and always recorded if you cannot attend live.  


Third Monday of the month
alternately day and evening

Your opportunity to build relationships with providers/property investor members, delivered over zoom, so need to travel.  

An attractive row of residential houses in south west London.jpg

Property & Demand Portal

Want to list your property for providers to lease? Members can upload their property to our property portal. 

You can see where provider members need property in our demand portal.


Looking for property to lease? Why not check out our portal where you can see what property our members have available. 

You can let property investors know where you need property, so they can help meet your need?

Supported Living Property Conference 

Tickets only available to members  

Chance to network, connect in person and hear great speakers. 

3rd May 2024  Eastside Rooms, Birmingham

Join Now
Only £37.50 (+VAT) a month

This is what we stand for:

Bringing people together-2.png

We are proud to be different

Lisa Brown smiling with a mug of tea

"I set up The Network as I wanted to do something different, to work in a more collaborative way. I wanted to see what happened if I brought property investors and providers together into one place to build direct relationships.  I love the community we have created, it is filled with great people who are doing fantastic things; we are all supporting and learning from each other and together we are creating some amazing homes!" 

Lisa Brown, Founder

"This is the first platform that I've been able to access meaningful connections with other providers and landlords. Lisa is a great support within the group and always sharing valuable content. "
Supported Accommodation Provider


  • Can I leave at any time? Am I tied in?
    You are not tied in, you can leave at anytime. If you do leave, you are unable to rejoin the Network for 9 months after leaving and you will then pay the current membership price to rejoin. We do this as we know the community works best when people hang around and do not come and go. If you wish to cancel your membership you can manage this in your membership area, if you need any help please email us at
  • If I leave, can I rejoin the network later?
    Yes, you can but you will be unable to rejoin for 9 months. We want to build a community of people who are committed to building long term relationships, learning and supporting each other, as well as creating more supported living homes.
  • What are the training courses?
    There are two Working Together in Supported Living courses, these are introductory courses to help you understand supported living property. One is for property investors and one is for providers. They are each about an hour long. Network members have access to both courses.
  • Can I join the Facebook group as my business page?
    Yes, you can join the Facebook group using your personal profile or as a business page
  • Can several members of my organisation join?
    Yes, we offer reduced membership rates for people from the same organisation joining. This gives each member access to the Facebook community, they can attend each event and have they own log in details to the membership area. Please follow the link to join and you have the option to buy additional memberships. If you need any help please do email us
  • Can parents/carers/people with lived experience join?
    This group has not been set up to offer you support, there are better communities built specifically to help you. We really value your experience and do invite people with lived experience to input in some events. If you would like to be part of this please email and we will be in touch with you at an appropriate time.
  • Are there rules I need to adhere to?
    There are rules of behaviour to abide by to ensure all members are protected, those breaching the rules will be asked to leave. Please note membership rules state you are not allowed to charge other members any sourcing/introductory fees. Also you are not allowed to share property details or property needed details with non members. If other people need property or want to lease property please invite them to join. You can read the full terms and conditions here.
  • Do you have providers/property investors in my area?
    We do have lots of property members and lots of supported living provider members but there is no guarantee we will have a provider/property member in your area. It is for this reason that the membership price is low and there is no tie in. If it doesn’t work for you then you are free to leave at any time. Remember there are many other benefits to joining and we have members who join for the training, support and community alone.
  • I’m worried I can’t make the live training
    No problem, we record each training event and upload it to your membership area so you can catch up at a time that works for you. This means there is a library of past recordings, covering a wide range of subjects for you to watch when you join.
  • I have another question
    If you have another question please email us at and we will get back to you
Next Members' Conference date announced and tickets are on sale. Find out more here
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