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Supported Living Property

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Lisa Brown

Lisa Brown started investing in supported living property by accident, but soon realised there was a huge need for homes for people with support needs. She saw that leasing her property to a supported living provider was a great way to hold property for the long term and felt the large unmet demand for property she was seeing could be met by property investors.  


She founded the Supported living Property Network to bring together property investors and providers. Lisa is uniquely placed as she is approached by and has educated both property investors and providers.  She has developed this website as a resource for both property investors who want to lease to supported living providers and providers who need property to lease.


Supported Living Property Network

The Supported Living Property Network is a growing community of like minded property investors and providers, coming together to create homes for people with support needs.  


Providing education and allowing members to connect directly, with no introductory fees, allows property owners to find providers to lease their properties and providers to find the properties they need. 

What we stand for:

A graphic describing the 4 aims of Supported Living Property Network; create homes, educate, community and influence.
Image of Lisa Brown teaching with the words Supported Living on a white board in the background

Want to learn more about supported living property?

We have a range of options designed just for you, find out we can help you here:

Next Members' Conference date announced and tickets are on sale. Find out more here
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