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How to find property to lease for supported living homes

Updated: Mar 26

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Finding property is still one of the biggest barriers for supported living providers.  I speak to providers every day who have plenty of referrals, but the lack of property is stopping them being able to accept these referrals.  

If you are looking for property to lease, then here are six resources to help you find the property you need: 


  1. Why supported living providers should work with private property investors; click here to read the blog article

  2. I have written a guide you can download for free to help you find property to lease, access it here.

  3. I set up The Supported Living Property Network to help you find the property you need by helping you connect directly with property investors and to see the property they have available to lease. For more information click here.

  4. If you are a new provider leasing your first property can be nerve-wracking and challenging.  Read this article written to help you: How to lease your first supported living property blog. 

  5. Making sure you understand the property side of supported living is important and makes it easier for you to get the right property, find out how we can help you here.

  6. If you are offered property by someone who does not own the property make sure you read this article with 10 questions you need to ask before you sign the lease: Rent to rent in supported living, 10 questions to ask.

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